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Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Pipeline Construction



V-ditch with/without Geo-textile Lining, Infiltration Trench lined and unlined, French Drain, Culvert Installation, Plastic/Geotextile/Non-lined drainage.



Communications/Utility Ducting, Post/Box installation, Duct testing, Sleeve installation.

Water Mains:


New Lay/Repairs, Butt Fusion/Electro fusion Jointing, Leak Detection, Deep excavations, Road/Service/Bridge crossings, Sleeve installation.



Topsoil excavation, Earth excavation, Rock excavation, Bulk excavation – can contain excess water and unsuitable material, Unclassified excavation, Riddling, Material Reconditioning, Dewatering, Ground stabilisation.

Reinstatement and Compaction works:


Treatment ponds, Lined/Non-lined - Volume 30,000m3+, Road Realignment/ Reinstatement, Material Compaction, Soil Nailing.

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Temporary Works:


Coffer Damns, Pumping systems/Out-falls, Drainage diversions, Ducting, Road Diversions, Sheet Piling, Driven Piles, Steel Bracing, Anchors, Pressure/Non-Pressure Grouting, Shotcrete.



Preparation works, Compaction of in-fill material, Water proofing Culvert & Pre-form Installation.

Permanent works:


CFA Bore Piles, Drilling Piles, Anchors, Pressure/Non-Pressure Grouting, Shotcrete Capabilities.

Environmental works:


Berm/Stream/River realignment & Scour protection.

Rock pool creation, Riffle pool creation, Step Ponds, Low flow ponds Low flow notches, Rock/Coir rolls installation, Coir Blanket/Geo-textile Blanket, Seeded/Non-Seeded, Riverbed alignment for aquatic animals and, Hydraulic breaks.

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